Our Guarantee

Cache Valley Nursery loves our plants, and we hope you love them too! We have spent years finding and growing the best of the best, and we guarantee them to be healthy, in excellent condition, and true to name.

We are proud of the quality of our plants and will warranty woody plants (i.e. trees and shrubs) for One Year from date of purchase. Perennials, groundcovers, annuals, and Japanese Maples are not covered by our warranty. Plants must be returned to the nursery (yes, save the dead plants!) to receive this guarantee.

Upon purchasing plant material from Cache Valley Nursery, it’s understood that plants are living, breathing things that require care, including water, sunlight, gentle handling, and timely planting. If a plant is given sufficient and reasonable care and fails to survive during the guarantee period, we will replace it with the same or similar variety, up to the purchase price of the plant. In the event no suitable replacement can be made, we may issue a store credit for the purchase price of the plant. (We do not replace replacements.)

Cache Valley Nursery will not warranty plants if it is deemed that the customer was negligent in care after purchase, if irrigation equipment fails, or unusual acts of nature (drought, flood, fire, wind, heavy snow or ice, animal damage, etc.). Failure rates greater than 5% of 10 items or more may be deemed negligence, at our discretion. Storage (i.e. not planting them) of plants exceeding a reasonable amount of time may be deemed negligence, at our discretion.

If you have a warranty to make, please save the plant material (again, save the dead plants!) and return them to the nursery. This allows us both to determine cause of death and to help guide your success with any replacements.

Wholesale Guarantee

Cache Valley Nursery guarantees our nursery stock to be healthy, in excellent condition, and true to name. We are unique among nurseries in offering a guarantee on wholesale woody material for 90 Days from date of purchase. Terms are otherwise the same as our Retail guarantee.