About Us

Cache Valley Nursery was founded in 2018 on historic farmland in Hyrum, Utah. Our goal is to be the best source for the highest quality plants and knowledge in the region.

Cache Valley Nursery is based on three principles that guide every aspect of our business, from what species we stock, to day-to-day chores, to community outreach. These principles are:

  1. Provide beautiful plants of impeccable quality. Success in the landscape happens in two stages: On our end, guarantee plants are healthy and ready to thrive. On the customer’s end, provide the expertise and advice our customers need to succeed.
  2. Offer both native and unusual plants that are well-adapted for Utah’s varied climates. Our unique topography, soils, and weather provide a challenge in the landscape. We are here to help solve this challenge.
  3. Embrace environmental stewardship and practice it wherever possible. We do our part to reduce waste, lower fuel consumption, and
    demonstrate the local, regional, and global benefits of greener landscapes.